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PT. Non Ferindo Utama is a recycling industry of used batteries, and has had the permit given by the government of Republic of Indonesia qq Environmental Ministry. PT. Non Ferindo Utama was established since 1986, and was operated one year later. The company is rnvironmental frendly because it has had modern recycling equipment and technology.


PT. Non Ferindo Utama runs its used batteries smelting process using Rotary Kiln machines (Rotary Furnaces), whose operation are integrated with pollution control systems. The dust exists in the emmision from the furnaces process is filtered first by the pollution control system (Dust Collector), thus the emission is dust-free air. In addition, the liquid waste is treated in the Waste Water Treatment unit before releasing out of the factory to prefent the pollution to ground water and the proximate surrounding.


PT. Non Ferindo Utama supplies the recycled lead to major battery factories in Indonesia, such as PT. GS Battery, PT. Century Batteries Indonesia, PT. Trimitra Baterai Prakasa, PT. Yuasa Battery Indonesia, and cable manufactures such as PT. GT Kabel Indonesia, PT. Sucaco, PT. Jembo Cable and also export  to Asian Market.


Customer satisfaction is the top priority for PT. Non Ferindo Utama. The company always endeavors to assure the quality of its products with the support from experienced, highly dedicated, and skilled workers, who run the Quality Management System ISO 9001 Version 2008 certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (Cert. No. JKT6001113)

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● Pure Lead Ingot
● Antimony Lead Ingot
● Calcium Lead Ingot
● Lead Component
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● Antimony Ingot
● Arsenic Metal
● Other Metals
● PP / PVC Crusher
● PP Pelletizing
● Selenium Granullar
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